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<Originally published Friday, June 27, 2008>  When  Apple’s iWeb application came out, it was decided to give it a whirl. You know, see how it works and get back into the swing of things. <We’ve moved over to WordPress since the reintroduction.> zippers: the magazine was kind-of/sort-of modeled after; if anyone remembers, it was one of the first […]



<Originally published Thursday, June 26, 2008>  The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. – Friedrich Nietzsche Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives. – John Stuart Mill aaahhh… DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these […]



<Originally published Friday, June 18, 2008>  Canarsie’s where I’m from. Smack-dab, in the middle of Brooklyn (NYC) is the neighborhood of Canarsie. That’s where I’m from, born and bred. I hung out on street corners, in the alleys, and on the stoops. I ate classic Brooklyn fair of pizza, calzone, hotdogs with mustard and sauerkraut, […]

The Call


<Originally published Friday, September 19, 2005>  Received a call, a call I’ve had before. Memories of angst, memories of discomfort, of frustration and of insecurities. A place of desperation. A place I left behind. It’s a place best left alone. Visions of the past engulf. What has passed must remain past. As it turns out, I […]

Life Outside


<Originally published Friday, August 8, 2005>  Suck Plug How many people remember the eMag ‘’ It was a was published by a few guys from WiReD Magazine. The domain is still  up-n-running, check it out. It was a site of great significance to me – inspirational, original and relevant. Check it out at < is still […]

The Instant


<Originally published Friday, October 29, 2004>   In that instant when all things make sense. when all things have a space of their own. when all things stand still. In that instant when peering through a the lens. when framing the scene. when the shutter snaps. In that moment when time slows. when a single breath […]



<Today’s post was originally published Friday, June 27, 2003> Thoughts on Linux As a creative professional in the graphics field Linux appears to play a fairly small role.  Applications that I need or prefer to do my work with are pretty well only available on the Apple Mac or Windows platforms. Linux does have ‘so […]