<Today’s post was originally published Friday, June 27, 2003>

Thoughts on Linux

As a creative professional in the graphics field Linux appears to play a fairly small role.  Applications that I need or prefer to do my work with are pretty well only available on the Apple Mac or Windows platforms. Linux does have ‘so called’ equivalents but in reality, those applications don’t compare on any level (except cost).

Nothing entices me to even consider Linux. Well, I guess that’s a not true totally… There maybe some video editing/special effect post-production and rendering that I would like to check out but nothing to get me jumping on board.

The Hidden Magic of Linux
With Linux there’s also the web to consider. Many ISPs are using Linux, it’s a great and viable and inexpensive alternative to Unix or Windows (while Apple’s machines are more than capable, they’re a small player in the Web server arena). To tell you the truth, Linux can fit wonderfully in the worlds of Windows and Apple. The magic of Linux happens to be that we rely on Linux for much of the infrastructure of the web.

<As we sit here in 2011, Linux is still around but still hasn’t struck a chords in the general public. It’s still used for many web-servers but now claims fame to many embedded systems such as TVs, media servers, phones, smart appliances and other devices. Linux use is mostly invisible; which is apt, for it is indeed magic.>

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