Visceral Depth


The motivation of most visual, aural (including musical) or any type of artist could be said to mostly thrive on spontaneity and that they all have a ‘need’ to create. This isn’t necessarily so, and we could go on-and-on discussing the motivations of artists and creative types, that’s not what I want to talk about.

How do musicians play instruments so emotively? What contributes to their depth of creativity? How do they translate their feelings through their touch, their attack, their voice? How does their voice become so emotive?

Some artists peak young, only to burn out with time and some seem to mature, let’s say… more gracefully and becoming more comfortable than when they we’re younger.

What’s the deal? Why are some more inclined to play certain types of instruments? …and what do we gain from wisdom and experience. Age.

Visceral Depth
A quality that can’t be learnt, it just must be. What gives an artist depth? Is it time? Is is thought? What’s the secret? I guess it’s like being on the path to enlightenment, you can never know when you’re enlightened, it just happens.

So, let it.

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