It is What it Was: The Phase Theory


What is the What?

Riding the Phase in the Twenty-First Century.

According to Wikipedia: A phase is one point or portion in a recurring series of changes.

Phase or phases may also refer to:
In science and engineering: 

Phase (matter), a physically distinctive form of a substance, such as the solid, liquid, and gaseous states of ordinary matter. 

Phase (systems), in a complex system, a behaviour that emerges from the interactions of components at a small scale.
The initial condition of a cyclic phenomenon 

Phase (waves), initial angle of a sinusoid function at its origin 

Continuous Fourier transform, angle of a complex coefficient representing the phase of one sinusoidal component 

The current (time varying) state of a cyclic phenomenon 

Lunar phase, the appearance of the Moon as viewed from the Earth 

Planetary phase, the appearance of the illuminated section of a planet 

Instantaneous phase, generalization for both cyclic and non-cyclic phenomena 

Phase factor, a complex scalar in the context of quantum mechanics 

Polyphase system, a means of distributing alternating current electric power in multiple conducting wires with definite phase offsets 

Single-phase electric power 

Three-phase electric power Basics of three-phase electric power 

Three-phase Mathematics of three-phase electric power
In biology, a part of the cell cycle in which cells divide and reproduce 

Phaser (effect), an audio effect.

Metaphysically Speaking 

In the ZIPPERS case, the discussion is a metaphysical one. I believe everyone has there own ‘natural energy’ (or “ch’i) and that it radiates around us, not unlike a bubble or a field of energy – wavelengths. Some people call this an aura but I refer to it as a bubble. Some consider this their personal space, not to be interfered with; in any case, this is a case of individualism recognizing that one is in the midst of many. I believe that the interaction of these ‘bubbles’ become a system collectivily, not unlike wavelengths resonating and interacting with each other.

Light Waves & Sound Waves 

Vibration occurs as frequencies interact with each other, their blending form the note, timbre and also reveal overtones and harmonics. I agree with the concept that the universe resonates to one note, a ‘Big Note.’

Everything in the Universe is made of a single element, a note; a single note.
Atoms are really vibrations, you know
Which are extensions of The Big Note,
Everything’s one note.

Frank Zappa, from ‘Civilization Phase III.’

Music happens when frequencies (and their harmonics) interact with each other, the harmonics create the timbre, or personality, of that particular instrument. Creating music is purposeful and thoughtful, communicating what we feel by sounds (which affect us greatly). If you look at it that way, our very lives are like music, the rhythms, the beats, the tone and amplitude.

In other words, we are creating music ‘ourselves’ as we interact and join with other people or environments. Our natural frequencies resonate harmonically and complementary in relation to ourselves, others around us and even with our environment. Feelings are evoked by our senses, sound, smell, taste, sight and touch.

We truly are visceral beings, needing to experience and then reflect upon those experiences. We are thinking creatures who need to have a need. What if it’s the simplest denominator? No conspiracies and no premeditation, just irrational thoughts and behavior. Well, it ain’t… it’s probably somewhere in between…

Riding the Phases / The Melody of My World

I have experienced, and I believe, in the philosophy of phase relation; I believe you can feel the resonances, the dissonance, the harmony. I aslso believe we can tune ourselves iand learn to ride above, being minimally affected. One day, I will be able to play the instrument better and play along with the melody of the universe (or at least my world).

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are that of the opinion of the said individual and no harm to an individual or group is intended or implied. Digestion of a large ‘grain of salt’ is recommended when reading these articles

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