The Waiting

Picture a young boy sitting on the stoop of a brick row house.
Waiting patiently as people pass by in a stream of infinite abandon,
a river of humanity. 
Due to a ‘condition,’ a boy’s parents agreed to a separation until the condition was better under control. It was difficult, a son needs to spend time with his father and a father needs time to spend with his son. Arrangements were made so they could spend time together. Like clockwork, every week the father came to visit. They spent most of the day together, it was beautiful. One day, the father did not show up, his son waited and waited, feeling more and more alone – the boy was 5-years old at the time. That day, the waiting became a curse.
DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are that of the opinion of the said individual and no harm to an individual or group is intended or implied. Digestion of a large ‘grain of salt’ is recommended when reading these articles

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