Walking Ahead of Myself

Worldly Perspective
If you listen carefully, you can hear the universe breathing. Some seem to be tuned into this pulse, receptive to their environment, spiritually, emotionally and even physically. I see this as a Zen-sation, a matter-of-being and a state-of-mind – something I aspire to.
Walking ahead of myself.
It takes time to know someone, and you never ‘really’ know that person, really. Your initial reaction might give the best impression; take note, you may also be seeing what you want to see. After all, we’re all salesmen trying to sell ourselves. How people behave when they deal with ‘other’ people that have little (or no) consequence to them? “That’s how they are going to behave with you in the future,” a friend told me that, good advice.

The Path
The hardest part is recognizing the path. Is it the right path? Is it the wrong path? Be careful, we tend to convince ourselves and go down the wrong path because it’s easy or what we think is right. We’re too jaded and trick ourselves into believing the unbelievable. Be wary and be thoughtful… it’s good to question, just don’t be afraid of facing the truth.
DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are that of the opinion of the said individual and no harm to an individual or group is intended or implied. Digestion of a large ‘grain of salt’ is recommended when reading these articles
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