byDesign + byArt + byDesign


byDesign + byArt + byDesign
Industrial design, Applied arts versus the artisan…
What is graphic design? What is art?
Subjectiv-ism? Selectiv-ism? Invention-ism? Vision-ism?

Art = Communication
Pictures, words, images, sounds, thoughts, ideas, opinions? What is it? What is it meant to do? Why do we need it?

Art a medium to communicate feelings. Art conveys emotion; thoughts and ideas which can be extremely personal and/or utterly selfless. It’s an outlet for emotion.

Art = Subjectiv-ism
Some people don’t get it… they just don’t… they never will. Some look too closely, some disregard.

Design ≤ Art
What is design? What makes a designer? Can art be design and can design be art? At what moment in life do we realize we’re artists and what moment do we realize we’re also designers? I’ve come to believe that, in our fantasy world of self being, we tend to dream ourselves as designers before we actually are.

Living life in the moment
The glamorous life of a designer. Yup, the glamorous life… The balance of arrogance and humility. To be self indulgent, self absorbed and to be selfless, empathetic and caring.

Edu-math-ification or calculating the elements of design
Always have a reason for placing elements, pay close attention to space. Remember it’s not the individual elements, colors or notes it’s how they are placed together… how they are allowed to breathe… it’s their relationship that makes all the difference. The intension of the design? Space, the study of balance. The distance between entities, the content. Experience.

The forgotten Grid
What is the grid and why do we even care about it? The Grid is one of the most basic starting points in design. Composition is the grid

Many designers seem shun the idea of the grid from the get-go – I just don’t know what the intention is. They’ve got their head shoved so far up their ass they can’t see the light of day. Is it ignorance, arrogance or contempt? Designers personalities vary greatly with some being more artisans than engineers, and some more engineers than artisans.

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are that of the opinion of the said individual and no harm to an individual or group is intended or implied. Digestion of a large ‘grain of salt’ is recommended when reading these articles

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