Targeted! 20-years and counting…

Ruled by intimidation.
Method, unspoken and hidden agendas. Hide the intention and only reveal what is perceived to be relevant (even though the action may need to know the cause).

The archer needs the target in sight before the arrow is set in flight.

 Work is, well… work.

“Work cannot be enjoyable; it’s inherently work and thus, you cannot be enjoying yourself!” That’s the usual thought behind work and some managers, yet when you ask employers whether they want their employees to like their jobs and enjoy their work they’ll usually wholeheartedly agree.

I want to enjoy my job!
I NEED to enjoy my job!

Time well spent
They seem to spend more time trying to make workers unhappy than they are trying to make them happy. I can be the strongest willed… I have complete control and will only allow so much.

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are that of the opinion of the said individual and no harm to an individual or group is intended or implied. Digestion of a large ‘grain of salt’ is recommended when reading these articles

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