Interpretation of the Moment

Dynamics and rhythm.
The moment.
The perception.
Papers, scientific analysis, theoretic philandering, musical composition, writing and poetry.

It’s been said that ‘time stands still for no man’ and yet it seemingly comes to a standstill as we’re fixated on a particular moment. Time is absolute and yet the perception of time is relative. Time flies (or crawls) depending on our personal interaction with it. The fluidity of time is a state of flux in it’s chaotic simplicity. What are the dynamics of time? Is it possible to measure the rhythm of time? How finite can we go? Do we have any real concept of the reality of time?

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are that of the opinion of the said individual and no harm to an individual or group is intended or implied. Digestion of a large ‘grain of salt’ is recommended when reading these articles

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