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Faith ≠ Hate


Faith is NOT Hate Faith should not turn into hate. Faith is not hate Faith is belief in something greater Faith makes us Hate breaks us Faith trusts that beliefs are undeniable. If beliefs are mistaken, then question faith. So is our core. Is to question Is to follow Question beliefs And follow with faith […]

Burn and Destroy People are so intent on preserving that they’re told that they will destroy al that is not of their own. They’re not looking forward to a meld or a reason. They don’t realize that learning is not a disease but is freedom. Are our minds all shut to difference because we feel threatened? Insecure? Doubt? We need to […]

<Originally published Saturday, April 30, 2011>  Do you come from the darkness moving into the light,     or from the light fading away into the darkness? DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are that of the opinion of the said individual and no harm to an individual or group is intended or implied. Digestion […]

<Originally published Saturday, April 23, 2011>  Choice is all we have, yet we spend a lifetime whittling it away.  Why? Our destiny is our ‘choice.’ We manifest destiny. How? We are presented with choices, and we choose. The consequences of these choices affect new choices, infinitely. To break from these loops, these walls, is a freedom […]

<Originally published Saturday, April 17, 2011>      When we met,     you made it perfectly clear that you were comfortable in your own skin.     Then we lived, and now you make it known that you prefer the tone not of your own. DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on these pages are that of the […]

<Originally published Saturday, April 9, 2011>  I have been waiting, and I have been procrastinating. I have been pining, and I have been whining. Always on the cusp, never all the way through, don’t know how, but somehow I do. All of this has been my own fault and it’s time I’ve taken responsibility. For […]



<Originally published Friday, April 2, 2011>  We cannot expect, expectation is a cancer. We must simply be, and not expect to receive.     To be able to receive, we must expect nothing. Learn by recognizing what is around, learn to accept. Then we will be able to receive. A friend told me of a simple […]