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It Starts


It Starts it starts where it began, at the beginning. it starts when you make your mind up, and you give up it starts on your first move, you can’t choose it starts when you fail, now you’re in jail it starts when you are born, and begins at your death DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on […]

There was a rag, Low Expectations it was. Originally titled by a minister’s son. The rag held a tone, the tone of life. We were young. Life wasn’t wonderful, it was underwhelming and we didn’t have much to look forward to. What you expect of me will only disappoint. What you accept of me is […]

We see what we want to see We’re all mistaken in what we see. What do we want? Why do we want it? Is it we or is it them? Isn’t it about ‘me? Who are they? Why aren’t we them? Completion is not invention or re-invention, but rather to finally be established and maybe even […]

Faith ≠ Hate


Faith is NOT Hate Faith should not turn into hate. Faith is not hate Faith is belief in something greater Faith makes us Hate breaks us Faith trusts that beliefs are undeniable. If beliefs are mistaken, then question faith. So is our core. Is to question Is to follow Question beliefs And follow with faith […]

Where are we?


Human Beings Throughout history we’ve been pondering who are we? Why are we here? What set’s us apart from animals?  What’s our purpose? Is there a purpose? There must be a purpose? Who are we? We are ‘be’ -ings, aware enough that we are ‘to be.’ We are love, we are war, we are passion, we are pain, we […]